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Paint with MagnaMagic Tintable Chalkboard Paint



Our tintable chalkboard paint is a clear (neutral) base. It should match any formula for a neutral base using universal tints. Do not exceed 18 oz. of color per gallon. For pastel tints, add white first, and then gradually add the other colors. Most paint stores will tint our chalkboard paint, however, if you have any questions please email us at or call us at 508.381.2400.
Before you begin, make sure that any surfaces you’re planning to paint with MagnaMagic paints are smooth, and free of dirt and oil. We recommend using MagnaMagic paints in areas with a temperature above 60ºF (15ºC) and below 90ºF (32ºC), with a humidity below 85%.
Prep your workspace before you begin using a drop cloth to project your work surface or floor. If any paint spills or splatters, wash it off with soap and water while it’s still wet to ensure an easy clean up.



We recommend using a 1/4” tight nap roller and wide foam brush for paint application (foam roller not recommended). An airless sprayer also works well if preferred.



Thoroughly shake or stir the paint until it is completely mixed.



Use a roller to paint your surface. Apply a generous, even amount of paint to your roller using a roller tray. For a wall application, start at one end of your work section, rolling up and down as you move across the surface of your work section. Do not overwork the paint as your are rolling it. Work with a quick, steady hand and paint small areas at a time to ensure correct application. It is important to get the painted surface as smooth as possible, so try to apply even pressure using a roller that has been evenly coated with paint.



Immediately after you have finished rolling the area, go over the wet paint using a wide dry foam brush. This technique is called ‘feathering.’ To feather, lightly drag a dry foam brush in one direction across the surface of the board. Feathering will create a smoother appearance.



When the paint is dry to the touch, approximately 2-3 hours later, you can apply the next coat of paint.



After your last coat, allow paint to cure for 24 hours before using chalk on the surface. The surface can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth after the surface has cured for 1 week.



Paint brushes and rollers clean up easily with soap and water.



CHALK: Use soft, low-dust chalks such as Prang chalks, not sidewalk chalks.
ERASING: For best erasing results, it is recommended to “size” your chalkboard surface. This is done by covering the entire surface with chalk (using the long side) and then erasing it with a chalkboard eraser. The more you use the chalkboard, the better it will erase.

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