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Frequently Asked Questions


What makes MagnaMagic magnetic paints or primers different from other magnetic paints?

MagnaMagic doesn’t rust. It has more magnetic receptive particles per gallon that won’t separate and settle at the bottom of the can. It is also non-toxic and non-hazardous with a smooth finish. With MagnaMagic, you only need 4-6 millimeter coats for home use.


Do MagnaMagic magnetic paints or primers stick to themselves?

No, MagnaMagic is magnetic receptive. It is not a magnet.


What is the magnetic strength of MagnaMagic magnetic paints or primers?

Our magnetic paints have a sheer weight strength of 7 lbs. per square foot when painted.


Do MagnaMagic magnetic paints or primers stop working after a while or lose strength?

No, the paint strength does not decrease over time.


Do any MagnaMagic magnetic paints or primers harm computers?

No, MagnaMagic is made from food grade iron. It is like having your filing cabinet next to your computer. But, if you are using rare earth neodymium magnets with our paint, you should handle them carefully, since very strong magnets can harm electronics.


What type of magnets should I use?

For best results, we recommend using rubber sheet type magnets or neodymium rare earth magnets. Heavy magnets, such as refrigerator magnets, are not generally recommended, however, some may work well. If children will be using the magnets, we don’t recommend using neodymium magnets, as they could be a choking hazard.


Why are my magnets not working?

If painted according to our How-To paint instructions, the recommended magnets (neodymium rare earth magnets and rubber sheet magnets) work the best. We also recommend using Polymagnets for extra strength.


Do MagnaMagic paints contain lead?

No. Our products do not contain lead, are non-toxic, non-hazardous and child safe. They are also low VOC.


Do MagnaMagic paints have low VOC levels?

Yes, MagnaMagic has a low VOC level of 47 grams per liter. MagnaMagic paint is approximately one third of the national standard for VOCs.


Are MagnaMagic paints toxic?

No. Our products are non-toxic, environmentally safe, do not contain lead, and are non-hazardous and child safe. They are also low VOC.


How many coats of paint can I use over MagnaMagic magnetic paints or primers before the magnetic receptiveness is gone?

The topcoat should not exceed an 8-mil thickness. While each person paints a little bit differently, the average coat of paint is about 2-mil.


If I paint two objects with MagnaMagic magnetic paints or primers, will they stick together?

No, MagnaMagic paint is magnetic receptive. It will not attract to itself like a magnet would.


Does MagnaMagic work with Idea Paint?

Yes. Idea Paint is compatible with MagnaMagic Magnetic Receptive Primer.


Do MagnaMagic magnetic paints or primers work with Leap Frog Magnet Games?

No, but you can check out our magnet play toys.


After painting with MagnaMagic Magnetic Receptive Primer, can my topcoat be any color?

Yes, you can use any color as your topcoat. We recommend a white primer before your topcoat if you are painting a shade of yellow or red.


What types of paints are compatible with MagnaMagic Magnetic Receptive Primer?

All commercially available paints that are suitable for consumer use are compatible. Any normal latex paint will work fine.


Should I use a primer before using MagnaMagic Magnetic Receptive Primer?

If you are painting over an existing painted wall, a primer is not necessary. When painting over new drywall, a primer is recommended.


Will MagnaMagic paints give me a rough finish on my wall?

When applying MagnaMagic paints according to our How-To paint instructions, you will achieve a standard roller finish like any other paint.


Will multiple coats of top layer paint make the magnetic attraction any less?

When MagnaMagic Magnetic Receptive Primer is painted according to the How-To directions, it can be top-coated as many as 4 times before there is a noticeable difference in magnetic attraction.


How much MagnaMagic magnetic paint should I use for my project?

We recommend using 1 quart per every 25 square feet of space for MagnaMagic Magnetic Receptive Primer and MagnaMagic Magnetic Receptive Chalkboard Paint. This will build the millimeter thickness up to the point of optimal performance.


Can I use MagnaMagic paints on wood or plastic and get the same effect?

Yes, MagnaMagic paints can be used on a variety of surfaces. It will have the same effect as long as the surface is smooth and prepped well. Our paints also work on glass or any other surface that takes a water base latex paint. We do not recommend using our paints on concrete.


Can I use MagnaMagic paint in an outdoor project?

As long as the topcoat is rated for exterior use, the paint will be as durable as the topcoat paint.


Do the particles in MagnaMagic magnetic paints settle to the bottom of the can?

The properties in our magnetic paints allow the particles to remain suspended. Over a long period of time, particles may settle just a bit, as in many latex paints. Stir the paint very well before use.


Can I use a paint sprayer with MagnaMagic paint?

Yes, you can use an airless sprayer adjusted to the thickest setting. If you use an HVLP sprayer, use a #5 tip and thin paint with water by no more than 10%.


Will MagnaMagic magnetic paints rust?

No, they will not.


What is the shelf life of MagnaMagic paint?

Our paint is best if used within two years of the manufactured date, but we have never had any expire.


How do I store MagnaMagic paints after opening?

Cut a piece of trash bag a little big larger than the diameter of the can. Place the bag directly on the paint surface and seal the lid. Store at room temperature.


Why is my paint clumpy?

The paint may have frozen. Try mixing thoroughly. If it is still clumpy please contact our customer service department.


What type of chalk should I use with MagnaMagic Magnetic Receptive Chalkboard Paint?

Most indoor chalkboard chalk will work. We recommend soft chalks such as Prang or Ikea chalk.


What do I do if my MagnaMagic Magnetic Receptive Chalkboard Paint is not erasing well?

Make sure to ‘size’ the surface after the paint has dried for the recommended amount of time. You can size the board by covering the entire surface with chalk and then erasing it. The more you use the chalkboard, the better it will erase. The smoother the surface that the paint is the applied to, the better it will erase.


Can the MagnaMagic Tintable Chalkboard Paint surface be cleaned?

Yes, use a damp lint-less cloth to clean the surface of MagnaMagic Tintable Chalkboard Paint.


What do I do if my MagnaMagic Tintable Chalkboard Paint is not erasing well?

Check to see if the painted surface is smooth. The smoother the surface, the cleaner it will erase. A surface with texture or puts will hold chalk and make it harder to erase. Use one of our chalkboard erasers for best results.


How much MagnaMagic Tintable Chalkboard Paint should I use for my project?

1 quart of MagnaMagic Tintable Chalkboard Paint will cover 50 square feet.


What type of surfaces can I use MagnaMagic Tintable Chalkboard Paint on?

MagnaMagic Tintable Chalkboard Paint is a latex paint and can be painted on any paintable surface as long as the surface is prepped properly for latex paint application. See How-To instructions.


Can I use MagnaMagic Tintable Chalkboard Paint in an outdoor project?

It may be used outdoors as long as it is not directly exposed to the elements. A covered area is recommended.


What do I do if the paint store does not know how to tint my can of MagnaMagic Tintable Chalkboard Paint?

Your local paint store should know the following information

  • The paint is a clear (neutral) base
  • It should match any formula for a neutral base using the universal tints
  • They should not exceed 18 oz. of color per gallon
  • If you are tinting for a pastel color, white should be added first


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