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Paint with MagnaMagic Magnetic Receptive Primer



Before you begin, make sure that any surfaces you’re planning to paint with MagnaMagic paints are smooth, and free of dirt and oil. We recommend using MagnaMagic paints in areas with a temperature above 60ºF (15ºC) and below 90ºF (32ºC), with a humidity below 85%.
Prep your workspace before you begin using a drop cloth to project your work surface or floor. If any paint spills or splatters, wash it off with soap and water while it’s still wet to ensure an easy clean up.
Our paint dries fairly quickly. We recommended completing small areas at a time (3 ft x 3 ft) using the instructions below.



We recommend using a 1/4” tight nap roller and wide foam brush for paint application (foam roller not recommended).
MagnaMagic is also compatible with airless sprayers. For best use, set the sprayer up for the thickest paint setting or thinned with no more than 10% water.



Thoroughly shake or stir the paint until it is completely mixed.



Use a roller to paint your surface. Apply a generous, even amount of paint to your roller using a roller tray. For a wall application, start at one end of your work section, rolling up and down as you move across the surface of your work section. Do not overwork the paint as your are rolling it. Work with a quick, steady hand and paint small areas at a time to ensure correct application. It is important to get the painted surface as smooth as possible, so try to apply even pressure using a roller that has been evenly coated with paint.



Immediately after you have finished rolling the area, go over the wet paint using a wide dry foam brush. This technique is called ‘feathering.’ To feather, lightly drag a dry foam brush in one direction across the surface of the board. Feathering will create a smoother appearance.



When the paint is dry to the touch, approximately 30 minutes later, you can apply the next coat of paint. We recommend using 1 gallon per 100 square feet or 1 quart per 25 square feet. Continue applying coats until the entire contents of the can are applied to the recommended area of coverage. For best results, do not exceed the recommended square footage. As a rule of thumb, 3-4 coats of paint usually gives optimal results, so long as the recommended square footage has not been exceeded.



After your last coat, allow paint to cure for 24 hours and then topcoat with latex paint in the color of your choice.



Paint and rollers clean easily with soap and water.



MAGNETS: Use high strength Neodymium/Rare Earth or Rubber Sheet magnets with our paint. Note that Neodymium/Rare Earth are not recommended for use by children.

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