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Hannah E.'s Rocking Magnetic Chalkboard Paint Wall for Kids

Posted on June 08 2015

Thanks to Hannah E. and her kids for sending us some great photos of their most recent chalkboard paint project. All done and looking great! 

Here's Hannah's wall painted, dried and ready for her painter's tape to be removed. For the cleanest lines, be sure to press tape down firmly and rub back and forth to get a better seal before applying wet paint. When removing tape, peel it slowly and keep tape close to the wall while peeling.

Magnetic Chalkboard Paint Applied and Dried!


Hannah's kids helped her 'size' their new chalkboard surface. Sizing means running the long side of a piece of chalk up and down the wall until it is completely covered and then erasing. This primes the surface for chalk application on the long term and ensures things erase cleanly down the road!


All done! Great work!

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